We are launching in 2017!

We have a long way before we launch, it takes time & dedication over thousands of hours to bring the best streaming experience to the world wide web. We promise to deliver the best in streaming in early 2017. Thousands of shows, live tv and movies for free. So you can ditch out on the monthly fees you pay to watch outdated shows.
Here is just a bit of what we have,
* Any featured show will be always up to date, within 24 hours of a new episode it will be ready to watch.
* Latest movies will be added for everyone to watch for FREE. Movies can only be downloaded once a 1080p version is available.
* Users can customize what they want to watch, and add movies & tv shows to watch later if they want to come back later.
* Users can request any tv show & movie, most requests will require 48 hours to process.